Website Creation

Whether you’re in need of a new website, or are looking to improve and redesign your current one. I create personalised, highly functional, revenue generating websites to suite all your business needs

Creating a new website

Having a strong online presence in today’s digital climate is highly important to any business. Whether you’re offering products or services to your audience, having a website and a digital presence comes with a whole host of benefits.

Investing in a website that is well designed, functional, responsive and informative will add credibility to your business and strengthen your online presence.

Benefits of a website

  • Increases online presence
  • Creates an online brand identity
  • Generates income
  • Automates processes
  • Allows for scalability with little investment
  • Allows you to diversify your offerings
  • Reach a global audience

Domain & Hosting

I’ll source you a unique domain name and set up your self-hosted site. There’s many benefits to having a self hosted site. Want to find out more? Let’s chat.


Having a responsive website is one of the most important thing for businesses online. By creating a responsive web design, it will optimise your site so all pagers render well on all devices and screen sizes. Ensuring that all visitors to your site can view your website how it was intended.

Secure (SSL)

Having SSL enabled on a website is very important, especially if that site will be handling any sensitive information such as transactions, login details and data transfers. It ensures you’re secure and not left vulnerable online.

Personalised Styling

In a competitive market, you want to ensure your business stands out. That’s no different with your website. you want your audience to visit and see how you stand out from your competitors. That can be achieved with a well-designed, functional website.

Custom Elements

Adding functional elements to your website increases your offerings to your audience. Whether it is a membership area for clients, contact pages, booking calendars, an online store, and much more. By increasing your offering you’re going to improve your engagement with your target audience.


Once your website is complete, you’ll be given simple instructions on how to navigate your website. These can be small tasks such as; adding things to an online store, adding or changing business information or adding an image to your site.

Creating a new website

You may already have a website set up. Either you want to give it a fresh new look, or it’s not meeting the needs of your business. Redesigning a website can be just as much of an investment as a new website, but worth it nonetheless.

A redesigned website can; boost traffic, increase revenue, and elevate a company’s image.

The main aims of redesigning a website are:

  • Fix / implement responsiveness
  • Fix / implement better security
  • Create/ improve the user journey
  • Improve the website speed
  • Give the website a complete makeover for a fresh, new look.

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The time an average user spends on a website


First impressions of a website are design-related


Consumers shop with a competitor after a poor user experience.

Adding Money-Making Functionality

Having a website that fits all of your business needs is incredibly important. I can add extra functionality to your site, which will increase your offerings to your audience and have a positive impact on your website and business.

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